Shade Sails Information

Shade Sail pros and cons

Shade Sail Pro's A Shade Sail provides protection from the sun and looks great in your home’s outdoor areas - covering pools, barbeques, patio areas and spa MORE ....

Shade sails - What you need to know, how to, and whats needed

Step 1 – Planning Your Sail Shade Structure. There are many, very important considerations when planning your structure, and in fact this is the ... MORE

Shade Sails, Planning and Design of

Planning You probably already have an area in mind that you intend to cover with a sail shade. There are numerous points to consider when planning ... MORE

Sail Shades, mounting points - Installation

This is a guide only, schedules listed are based on typical shade sail installations under normal conditions. Please Note: The fixings shown here are ...MORE

Installing your shade sail

Installing a Shade sail. The general principle for installing sails is to connect the highest corner(s) first followed by the remaining points...MORE

Shade Sail Care and Maintenance Instructions

Shade Sail Care and Maintenance Instructions Heavy Duty Shadecloth is an Industrial Textile made from High Density Polyethylene, and combines ... MORE